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Your satisfaction and profitability of your business is our priority. Thanks to our 24 years'experience, useof new materials and technologies, we are able to provide the best  packaging solutions which meet your expectations and ensure profit in retailing on the FMCG market.

To achieve every goalwe have been set, we divide the whole design process  into four stages:   

  • Requirements specification and execution terms
  • Methodical cooperation
  • Concept visualization
  • Prototype preparation


At the first stage, we are all ears. We would like to know all the project details. We are defining: Requirements that the packaging must meet, terms of the order execution, requirements about the preservation of environment, Production Line, Terms of transport and storage, Target group.3


The Second stage is based on close cooperation between us and the Client in order to create the most functional and esthetic shape. Together we set the packaging design, material of which the packaging should be made, production technology so that  the final effect meets  the consumer's expectations, generates the demand and is theft-proof. This is that time where our experience, creative cooperation and strategic thinking combine together to find the best solution.3


The concept visualization is the next step. Based on all information gathered in the two previous design stages, our professional graphic designers with CAD tools create a 3D model and the drawing of the packaging in real scale which will show whether the size and the look meet Your requirements.4


After deep analysis of the concept, we start creating a prototype of the packaging corresponding to its final shape and functionality. Here, last modifications are possible. The quality of the prototype is of similar quality to production quality. The prototype can be used for market research, focus group interview and for transport and legal approval tests.5